National Patient Satisfaction Association

Helping patients get the care they deserve."


  • Keeping Insurances Accountable: let us know if your insurance company is being unfair.
  • Providers Portal: Coming soon.

If you have a complaint about your insurance, click here.

The Patient Toolkit for Better Care

Get your patient toolkit that helps you better choose the best healthcare provider for your needs. Join the community today.

Patient Educational Videos

We offer resources to help you better understand the complexities of healthcare in the U.S. It's good to be informed.

National Healthcare Initiative

As the healthcare crisis continues in the U.S., we strive to deliver satisfaction to those who need it most. Join the community and help make our healthcare better.

Diagnosis Accuracy Initiative

The amount of incorrect diagnosis in this country is astounding. The harm it can have for patients who get misdiagnosed is frightening. We strive to improve healthcare through education, resources, and awareness.